Wrongful Death


oping with the death of a loved one is very difficult and devastating. We understand that there is abundance of stress associated with funeral costs, unpaid medical bills, and the loss of unexpected wages among others could be very overwhelming. Our law firm sends our deepest condolences and are extremely sorry for your loss. At Omar Maynez law, we  promise that we will cautiously and kindly communicate with you and your family about your rights.

When the death of a loved one is cause by the negligence, wrongful action, or misconduct of others the pain you are going through is excruciating. Because of that, we will ensure that we do everything for  the victim’s family such as seeking monetary damages which came about as a result of the wrongful death. Wrongful deaths may be as a result of medical malpractice, auto accidents, construction accidents and the use of defective products among others.

In regards to either of them, the family should call Omar Maynez and explain why they feel that their loved one’s death was a wrongful one. Our El Paso lawyer will then review the case carefully and give their honest opinion, in terms of how to move forward with the claim.
Investigations will have to be done and doctor’s report obtained so as to get the full picture. Some people will also need to be interviewed and their report will also add on to the evidence being collected by the lawyer.

So in the event that you lost your loved one and are suspecting that it was a wrongful death, we plead that all of our efforts will be directed to at ensuring that your families is awarded monetary damages for the improper conduct.

If you have had a loved one killed by someone else’s error or negligence, Omar Maynez law will aggressively fight for your case. Let us handle the case while your family heals. Please contact our El Paso wrongful death lawyer Omar Maynez today at (915) 599-9100.

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