Personal Injury


ersonal injury is a legal term that denotes bodily harm inflicted to a victim and is referred to, on many occasions, specifically under United States laws, as a type of tort where the injury is caused by the negligence of another party.

If one feels that his personal injury has been caused by the negligence of another, then he or she has the right to sue that other person for damages. These damages not only include the alleged “value” or “cost” of an injury, but involves the futures costs that will come along with the injury, whether it may be in the form of hospital bills, other medical expenditures, lost wages and other chances of income that the person may lose because of his impairment.

There are many types of personal injuries, and these can be, but not limited to: road traffic accidents, work-related accidents, assault injuries, accidents due to defects in merchandise and even medical negligence.

If one is a victim of one of these accidents, then he may file a lawsuit against the offending party and the courts will decide if 1) the case has merit and 2) how much is it worth to compensate your troubles.

The time frame United States law allot for those who can file a complaint for personal injuries is narrow, so it is the victim’s obligation to seek help from a lawyer and file the case as soon as possible after the injury has been inflicted. Here at Maynez Law, we will be very accommodating to your situation and offer free consultation to hear your case. Call (915) 599-9100 to schedule your appoitment with Maynez Law

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